Metallic Yarn

Metallic yarn gives fabric an elegant, sparkling, premium feel. It is used not only for fashion, but also for interior goods, lighting, toys, play equipment, miscellaneous goods, stationary, fabric, bedding, etc.

It is mostly polyester films based on aluminium or sterling silver vapour deposition that are processed by colour coating and dry lamination in order to produce our gold and silver thread, but, in some cases, other film types such as polarization foils or hologram foils are employed in the same manner.

In addition, we also offer gold thread stamped with genuine gold leaf which is also used in the context of traditional Japanese textiles such as the famous “Nishijin-ori”.
Due to its elegant gleam and luxurious colour tone, gold and silver thread finds application not only in fashion, but also in many other fields such as interior decoration, lightning, toys, household goods, stationary, fabrics and bedding.

Characteristics of metallic yarn

  • Created by processing, coating and lamination of each film type
  • Used not only for fashion items with a premium feel, but also in a variety of other fields.

Usage context of metallic yarn

  • Clothing and fashion items
  • Interior goods, lighting
  • Toys
  • Stationary and miscellaneous goods for daily life
  • Fabrics, bedding
  • Possible to adapt to a wide variety of other fields as well
  • metallic yarn
  • luxury