CSR policy

In April 2019, based on our corporate philosophy and the role our company has in the industry, and with the increasing changes in the environment surrounding the company and the growing interest in CSR, we raised ‘Enrich people’s hearts with the added value of decoration through the beauty of art’ as our slogan.

We will comply with the laws and regulations, carry out fair management that considers human rights, labor, and the environment with an emphasis on all stakeholders, and work on management quality with the aim of contributing to a sustainable society.

April, 2019
Katani Co., Ltd.
President Yohei Katani

Efforts for management quality

Enrich people’s hearts with the added value of decoration through the beauty of art

  1. Improving customer / employee satisfaction
  2. Establish a global support system
  3. Reliable financial structure
  4. Environmental Initiatives
    Labor saving in consideration of the reduction of environmental load, and the promotion of “safe, economical and environmentally friendly” decoration method
  5. Efforts for improvement
    Promote improvement while focusing on quality management (ISO9001)

CSR Ethical Code of Conduct

The basic spirit

  • Respected employees
  • Reliable products
  • Expected company
  1. Course of action
    We strive to act with integrity and fairness to our employees, business partners and to the community
  2. Legal compliance
    As a company, we will comply with the law and other regulations, and all employees will conduct with high ethical standards.
  3. No discrimination and harassment
    Respect for human beings is fundamental, and we will not discriminate or violate human rights
  4. Fair and impartial competition
    We will work with fairness and integrity as in complying with the Subcontract Act.
  5. Protection of information and assets
    We will handle information resources and assets of the company and customers with the greatest caution, and will endeavor to use and maintain them.
  6. Environmental consideration, safety and health
    We strive for a safe and secure work environment, consideration to global environment, and seek harmony with the local community.
  7. Eradication of anti-social activities
    We will maintain a firm stand against anti-social behavior and activities.


It has been more than 120 years since our establishment in the year 1899.
First starting out as a gold leaf manufacturer in Kanazawa, our unique, world-class technology has provided the foundation for constant transformation, growth and advancement in foil creation.
Blending tradition and advanced technology, we have created a new world of foils and are now expanding into global markets in all industries.
While maintaining our pioneer spirit, we aim to be a company that continues to provide new added value to all.

Corporate philosophy

Through the development of our business, we contribute to the happiness of our employees, as well as to the development of the local community.

It is the individual companies and people of each region that make up a country.
As a company assuming part of this responsibility, we value history and tradition, use appropriate hiring practices to protect the livelihood of our employees, ensure profit stability, and contribute to the development of the community. These efforts enable us to support the systems that form the basis of our country, including social welfare, education and security. We recognize our social responsibility as an enterprise, and carry out our operations based on what is right and wrong, rather than on profits and losses. Our aim is to be a company that is needed by society and appreciated by our customers.

Special online seminar on gold leaf and gold/ silver thread for participants of the DAAD’s scholarship program “Language and Practice in Japan” (SP Japan)

Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, KATANI is striving to promote the charm of traditional Japanese gold leaf internationally. In this context and in collaboration with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), we put together a unique online event in which the participants of the special scholarship program “Language and Practice in Japan” (SP Japan) received an introduction into the world of the renowned traditional Japanese gold leaf art. In addition to learning about gold leaf as well as gold and silver thread, the participants also gained an insight into KATANI’s international activities and our efforts to make traditional and modern Japanese technology more prominent in the world. In a Q&A session and a brief seminar on gold leaf applications, the participants were then able to deepen their understanding of gold leaf. It is our goal to continue to carrying out various activities to spread the word about the attractiveness and the appeal of gold leaf – as well as KATANI’s multi-faceted engagement in this context – on an international stage.