Metallic Foil

Metallic foils are a standard type of hot stamping foil. In general, they consist of several layers: a vacuum vapour-deposition layer of several nanometre thickness made of e.g. aluminium, a colour layer, a protective layer and an adhesive layer.
With hot stamping technology, a plethora of brilliant metallic colours such as gold, blue or pink can be expressed effortlessly.

Foil containing a polyester film that includes a layer of vacuum vapour-deposited aluminium and several other special coatings is generally considered the most representative of hot stamping foils.
Since a brilliant metallic lustre can be expressed – in a manner that cannot be realised by any other decoration method -, and the application process is comparatively straight-forward, it is expected that this technology will extend its influence into new areas of application as well.
We offer a wide range of products, also including cost-efficient options, items with excellent workability and efficiency or products that show strong durability even after multiple washes. Apart from fabric and cloth, fasteners or buttons can also be decorated

Characteristics of metallic foil

  • Effortless delivery of brilliant metallic colours such as gold,blue or pink.
  • Expression of a brilliant metallic lustre unlike any other decoration method.

Usage context of metallic foil

  • Spanning a wide range of application contexts, including plastics, leather, paper and other products of our daily life.
  • Brilliant metallic lustre for e.g. household appliances and cosmetic containers.
  • Packaging design
  • packaging design
  • luxury
  • brilliance
  • lustre
  • high-quality