Wood Grain Film

With this decorative film, it is possible to utilise a printing process in order to re-produce a realistic wood grain appearance. Our films find application in a wide range of areas such as decorative boards, wallpapers or decoration for doors. We offer an extensive line-up of environmentally-friendly olefin films for indoor use, PVC films with excellent workability, and reinforced paper which offers a particularly high texture. In addition, we can also provide edge tapes based on the above films. Thus, it becomes possible to create a design for which the surface material and the decorative pattern match.

Characteristics of Wood Grain Film

  • Re-creation of realistic wood grain design prints
  • Extensive line-up including olefin films, PVC films and reinforced paper
  • Edge tapes and wood grain designs matching the surface material are also available.

Usage context of Wood Grain Film

  • Furniture decoration
  • Doors, wallpapers
  • Application to several other usage contexts possible
  • Genuine wood grain design
  • natural texture