Pigment Foil

Our pigment foil line-up includes e.g. single-colour foils in colours such as black or white or foil options that contain metallic powder. They can express designs in the same depth as silk-screen printing, but – different from direct silk-screen prints – the transfer process is completely dry and conducted instantaneously at high temperature, thus enabling prints and decorations on surfaces which are difficult to process with standard silk-screen printing.

The pigment foils in our line-up are foils with enhanced general physical properties (e.g. weather resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance) and chemical properties. Additionally, we also offer foils types with excellent screening properties, foils with glossy or matte surfaces, or metallic pigment foils which contain metallic powder.

It is possible to adjust colour tones in accordance with colour codes such as Pantone or RAL.

Characteristics of pigment foil

  • Ideal for creating elegant design effects.

Usage context of pigment foil

  • Household appliances and electronics
  • Automotive components
  • Other products with larger stamping surfaces such as cosmetic containers
  • luxury
  • brilliance
  • lustre
  • high-quality