Water Transfer Decal

This is a technique for which a pattern printed on special water-soluble transfer paper is immersed in water and then transferred to a specific substrate. Since this method is contingent on water, it allows flexibility concerning the shape of the substrate to be decorated and it can be used for decorating 3D shapes as well. It is particularly suitable for the decoration of round sports equipment, shafts and frames. Various metallic colours and hologram patterns are possible.

Characteristics of Water Transfer Decals

  • Immersion of water-soluble transfer paper with target design in water and subsequent transfer to a specific substrate
  • Decoration of three-dimensional shapes also feasible
  • Expression of metallic colours and hologram designs also possible

Usage context of Water Transfer Decals

  • Round sports/leisure equipment
  • Shafts, frames
  • Transfer after immersion in water
  • decoration of curved shapes