Chrome Foil

In order to reduce the risk of corrosion and to enhance durability, this special hot stamping foil utilises chrome vapor deposition and metallic pigments. While, in particular, it can also be employed for automotive parts which require strong material capabilities, it is also expected to find further application in a wide range of fields and products.

Characteristics of Chrome Foil

  • Reduction of risk of corrosion
  • Metallic shine that last reliably over a long period of time – also for exterior parts
  • No use of solvents, only compact equipment needed
  • Adoption in factories all over the world

Usage context of Chrome Foil

  • Automotive front grille
  • Automotive interior parts
  • Potential for expansion and application in a wide range of usage contexts
  • Weather resistance and other enhanced physical properties
  • alternative to plating processes
  • brilliant metallic shine