IML (In-mould Labelling)/IMF(In-mould Forming)

For this process, a printed decorative film is laid out in an injection moulding form, making it possible to simultaneously mould and decorate the product. It enables the decoration of three-dimensional shapes which are deeper than IMD (in-mould decoration). Thus, a plethora of designs and shapes can be considered for decoration with this technique. From providing suitable films to offering processed forms and goods, our experts will be happy to support your individual requirements.

Characteristics of IML, IMF

  • Decoration of three-dimensional shapes which are deeper than can be processed with IMD (in-mould decoration)
  • Beautiful decoration options also for round shapes
  • Further options for expressing rich designs

Usage context of IML, IMF

  • Cosmetics, household appliances, miscellaneous goods
  • Processed plastic materials
  • Decoration of three-dimensional shapes
  • expression of rich designs