Edible Gold Leaf

KATANI’s edible gold leaf “Hanafubuki” is made from gold leaf of exceedingly high purity, produced exclusively for usage in foods and edibles. So far, it has often been the standard to use gold leaf employed in arts and crafts for food as well. However, against the background of food hygiene and safety, we keep the production processes for gold leaf used in arts and crafts and gold leaf used in food completely and strictly separate. This is how we guarantee not only a glamourous presentation, but also the safety of the food.

It only takes a tiny amount of gold leaf to stage your products in a beautiful and rich fashion, making for effortless and uncomplicated food embellishments. In addition, as our edible gold leaf is odourless and tasteless, it has no effect on the taste or any other particular characteristics of the food components it embellishes.

※Food Additive: Can be used as a food additive other than scientifically synthesised products, according to the Food Hygiene Enforcement Regulations established by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Welfare, No. 76, revised on September 18, 1998.
(This product complies with the Japanese Food Hygiene Law)

Characteristics of edible gold leaf

  • Gold leaf and powder produced especially for use in food products
  • Provided under consideration of strict food hygiene and safety standards
  • Odourless and tasteless, with no effect on the taste of the food products

Usage context of edible gold leaf

  • Glamorous presentation of food, sweets, alcoholic beverages
  • Meals for special occasions
  • For a celebratory toast
  • edible
  • gold leaf
  • gold powder