Pure Gold Leaf

KATANI’s pure gold leaf is based on gold leaf that has been pounded into a thickness of 0.0001-0.0002 millimetres. Used for e.g. decoration, arts and crafts, it can express a variation of colour tones and shades, depending on different alloy ratios. KATANI’s gold leaf and gold leaf decorations from Kanazawa respectively are used in a variety of fields including, among others, fine arts and crafts, religious decorations, metalic yarn, lacquerwares as well as inlay and ceramic wares, food products, alcoholic beverages, tea and cosmetics. Please do not hesitate to contact us also for materials and tools for gold leaf application.

A standard gold leaf sheet measures 109 x 109 millimetres.
We also offer gold leaf in flake form, in sizes such as 3 or 5 millimetres.
Gold powder in the form of smooth powder is also available.

Characteristics of gold leaf

  • Gold leaf pounded into a thickness of 0.0001-0.0002 millimetres
  • Illustration of a wide variety of colour shades, contingent on alloy ratio.

Usage context of gold leaf

  • Religious decorations
  • Lacquerware, ceramic wares
  • Arts and crafts
  • Food products, alcoholic beverages, tea, cosmetics
  • Used in a wide variety of fields
  • decoration
  • gold leaf
  • luxury