Machines, Tooling

Fully-automatic machines, semi-automatic machines, roll-on machines, up-down machines,
application on the full surface, on ellipses, wide areas etc. with standard machines, machines with particular specifications, straight-forward devices.
Materials: silicone rubbers, rolls, moulded products, engraved stamps, jigs etc.

Please contact us directly for more information on hot stamping machines, printing machines for plastics, secondary processing machines, all-purpose machines or fully-automated machines for your individual requirements. Our professional staff will offer their expertise and support you all the way, from design and trial production to cost estimates, quotation and assistance on the ground.
Apart from hot stamping machines, please also feel free to contact us regarding other specific automated machines for secondary plastic processing. We also provide silicone rubbers, metal or rubber engraved stamps, jigs and other hot stamping materials.

Characteristics of KATANI machines and tools

  • Professional support from design to project realisation
  • Machines for secondard plastic processing and hot stamping materials also available

Examples of possible machine options

  • Printing and secondary processing machines
  • Slitting machines for hot stamping foil
  • Screen printing machines
  • Pad printing machines
  • High-frequency welding machines
  • Ultrasonic welding machines
  • Anti-static treatment machines
  • Quality analyses machines
  • Hot stamping processing
  • professional support and consultation