Non-Conductive Foil

Apart from boasting a brilliant metallic lustre, this foil also has insulating capabilities.

With this foil, it is possible to protect semiconductor ICs without grounding mechanisms, thus preventing malfunctions and equipment damages.
As a voltage of up to 20KV has no impact on the outward appearance of the product, it is currently widely used in home and electric appliances such as TVs and audio equipment. Further, as the foil is based on discontinuous vapour deposition technology, radio wave transmission can be achieved.

Characteristics of non-conductive foil

  • Foil with a brilliant metallic lustre and insulating properties.
  • Device malfunctions and damage to the equipment can be prevented.

Usage context of non-conductive foil

  • Household appliances and electronics such as TVs and stereos
  • White goods such as refrigerators and vacuum cleaners / Automotive interior parts
  • Insulator
  • insulation
  • decoration of household appliances