Metallic Foil

Metallic foils are a standard type of hot stamping foil. In general, they consist of several layers: a vacuum vapour-deposition layer of several nanometre thickness made of e.g. aluminium, a colour layer, a protective layer and an adhesive layer.
With hot stamping technology, a plethora of brilliant metallic colours such as gold, blue or pink can be expressed effortlessly.

It is also possible to stamp a metallic logo on genuine leather, synthetic leather or fabric

Characteristics of metallic foil

  • Effortless delivery of brilliant metallic colours such as gold,blue or pink.
  • Expression of a brilliant metallic lustre unlike any other decoration method.

Usage context of metallic foil

  • Spanning a wide range of application contexts, including plastics, leather, paper and other products of our daily life.
  • Brilliant metallic lustre for e.g. household appliances and cosmetic containers.
  • Packaging design
  • packaging design
  • luxury
  • brilliance
  • lustre
  • high-quality