Art Foil

Art Foil is a patented technology of KATANI’s which allows you to emboss your favourite pattern, letters or other characters directly onto gold leaf.
With our special technique, it is possible to transfer the desired motif onto the gold leaf and thus create individualised, original gold leaf products for each customer.
Matte and glossy parts of the gold leaf create a contrast which then expresses the desired motif, introducing an air of luxury and splendour which cannot be achieved by standard prints.

Characteristics of Art Foil

  • Transfer of desired designs directly onto gold leaf with specialised processing technique
  • Design is expressed by glossy and matte contrasts on the gold leaf
  • Creation of a multifaceted designs that cannot be acieved with standard prints

Usage context of Art Foil

  • Souvenirs, presents
  • Processing work for multifaceted designs
  • Staging of a luxury finish
  • decoration
  • gold leaf
  • luxury
  • patented technology