Dolce foils allow for an elegant metallic impression and a unique depth of colour as the colour tone changes depending on the light source, e.g. natural light or indirect light, as well as the angle of reflection.

White: The new texture of this metallic tone of white creates a vivid, yet tranquil colour conception.
Light magenta: Taking its inspiration from the cherry blossoms, this faint pastel pink colour tone expresses a feminine flair.
Light blue: This refreshing shade of blue shines bright like the calm sea.
Light gold: Instead of a rich golden sheen, this colour tone aims for a graceful pastel shade of gold.

Characteristics of ” Dolce”

  • Elegant metallic lustre with a unique depth of colour.
  • Sophisticated, polished texture.
  • The colour impression of the foil changes depending on the light source and the angle of reflection.

Usage context of ” Dolce”

  • Plastic surfaces
  • Cosmetics
  • Household appliances and electronics
  • Mobile phones
  • Luxurious metallic lustre
  • elegant